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Well we’ve already established that my family is a little bit on the weird side and things that are “right up our alley” might not be for everyone … of course our alley is probably between a liquor store and a tattoo parlor in VEGAS …. but …. well … you know.

At Halloween time last year, Cracker Barrel had these fantabulous salt and pepper shakers that I HAD to have …. and I keep them out all the time.

They might be on the kitchen windowsill ….

They might be in the fruit basket …

They might be staring at you from the dish cabinet ….

You never know where they are going to be next … yes, it warps the children, but they really do need something to roll their eyes at (pun intended).

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8 thoughts on “Eyeballs”

    1. Happy E Day to you as well … I had to hunt for something that started with an E and it was literally staring at me all along.

  1. Those are awesome! I once bought gummy eyeballs for Halloween and my brother and I had a whole photo shoot with crazy eyes. It was super fun. I need to have more silly photo shoots!
    Kids are supposed to be a bit warped like that. 🙂

  2. We have two ping-pong balls that have pupils drawn on (with a sharpie). We move them around the house, too. We tried them in the cow skull, but that was even too much for us – ha!

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