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Fighting Your Fuzzy Brain

I’m normally a pretty organized person and you know how much I love a good To Do List, but lately it seems like I’m having trouble getting stuff done.  My brain has gone fuzzy. 

At first not being able to concentrate on one thing and getting stuff done really bothered me.  I tried to force my mind to think hard about what I was doing.  It didn’t work.  Then I tried to not worry about getting anything done, but that didn’t work either (for obvious reasons … nothing was getting done).

Then I realized I had to do what I had to do to get things done and if that meant doing it with a fuzzy brain then so be it.  If it takes me longer, that’s okay.  If I moved from one task to another without finishing the first thing, that’s okay.  If I forget why I walked into a room, that’s okay too.

I know it’s the way the world is right now and because of that, I’m trying to be kind to myself.  I’m working on being mindful (in the moment), doing the things I can control, and letting go of the things I can’t. 

If your brain has gone a little fuzzy and you’re having trouble concentrating too, try these things …

  • make lists
  • take deep breaths when you catch yourself getting frazzled
  • say “okay” when you move from task to task so your mind knows you’ve completed something (any word will work, but okay works for me)

Stop fighting your fuzzy brain and be kind to yourself

(we’re just doing the best we can right now)

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