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Find Some Quiet

The world is a noisy place.  Sometimes a very noisy place.  Which is exactly why we have to find or even create some quiet.   

This morning on my drive to work I didn’t turn on the radio.  I didn’t listen to a podcast.  I didn’t Bluetooth in and talk on my phone.  I just drove.  The only sound was road noise and the occasional blinker when I needed to turn.  Nothing else. 

I almost got my phone out of my purse before I left the driveway this morning and synced it in to listen to my beloved podcasts, but something stopped me.  My ears and brain were tired.  They needed a break.

When was the last time you had some silence, some quiet time? 

No TV on in the background.

Nobody talking to you.

No music.

No noise.

Just quiet. 

Find some today.  Let your ears and brain take a break. Listen to that inner voice that craves some peace and tranquility.  Simplify your sounds.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes.

It’s worth the effort. 

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