Simplify Your Health (mental too)


Events of the past few weeks and situations in our lives (a friend with cancer, a person going to prison, our own health concerns, and a social media post that I got WAY too upset about) have resulted in some deep thinking.

There are entire industries built on the premise that something about our lives needs to be better or “fixed”.  Just search the words “self help” on your Kindle and see how many books pop up.  I’ve probably read most of them .. and I’ve discovered in the past week that I’m truly happiest trying to not fix anything … just being.

I’ve stopped reading change your life right now or your dooooooooooooomed books.  I’ve stopped worrying about what other people think of me.  I’ve started valuing myself and the people who care about me.  I fixed my life by trying not to fix anything.  hmmm … go figure

So today I challenge you to just be.  Don’t make any huge life changing decisions.  Don’t vow that you are going to change a bad habit.  Don’t offer advice or ask for it.  Just be.

and ask yourself these questions:

*  can anyone else fix my life?

* can I fix anyone else’s life?

* can I fix my own life?  does it have to be done right now?

* does it really need to be fixed anyway?


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