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Flip Your Thinking to Flip Your Habits

I have this taped by my desk at work so I can see it every single day.  Changing your thoughts can change your habits and THAT can change everything.

Flip your thinking for a few days and see what happens.

Instead of blaming others, see what you could have done differently to change the situation.

Instead of holding grudges, learn to forgive or let it go and allow yourself to feel peace about it.

Instead of talking about people, realize that we’re all struggling with something and focus on how you can make the world a better place.  To be honest, I have a hard time with this one, because I tend to complain about people when they get on my nerves, but I’m working on it.

Instead of thinking you know more than others, strive each day to learn something new.

Click on the link to print out a copy for yourself ….. just a little gift from me to you …  a reminder how we all can be just a little better every day.

Successful People

DISCLOSURE:  I deleted the first one on the print out, because I do think that successful people can watch TV every once in a while and still get things done.  There’s nothing wrong with watching a few episodes of New Girl to give your brain a break.


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