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Fun and Funky Finds … Flamingos

One of my slightly strange husband’s favorite shows is How It’s Made.  It’s basically a monotone narration of a factory tour in sloooooooooooooooooow detail.  I’m all for a good factory tour, but man oh man I can’t sit through a 10 minute segment on how golf clubs are made.  Well D can.  He loves it.  He’s going to make a great old man some day.

Anywho … a few years ago he saw a How It’s Made episode about lawn flamingos and all bets were off.

He’s been on a quest to find the Featherstone brand every since.  He found one set a few years ago and they’ve been proudly in our yard ever since.

A few weeks ago while looking for stuff for an upcoming wedding, we were in a Hobby Lobby outlet store and I just happened to glance up while waiting to check out.  There they were.  One lone box at the top of the aisle.  Marked down to $16 plus 25% off !!!

You’ve never seen a husky man run so fast!

He literally hugged the box.

His goal is to cover the flower beds with them.  I’m okay with that.

It’s fun being fun and funky …. plus it gives the townfolk even more reason to call us strange.

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