I Gave Myself Permission to Rest

About a week and a half ago I had a tumor removed.  If you say tumor like Arnold says tumor with a whole lot of oooooo and an “a” sound at the end like tooooooooooooooma (rhymes with tuba), then we can be friends.  That’s how I’ve been saying it ever since I found out what it was.

It’s not a cancer tumor.  Instead it’s some weird genetic thing where tumors grow around your nerves.  So my tumor literally got on my nerves.  How appropriate.

It hurt a hell of a lot worse than I was expecting, so I’ve given myself permission to rest … and it’s been AWESOME !!

Anyone who asked me to do anything for them, I would just send the picture of my Frankenboob (new nickname for it) and they would quickly shut up and flood me with kind comments.  Win Win!

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of being a responsible adult (DAMMIT!), but I refuse to feel guilty for the time I’ve spent taking care of myself (D helped some too).

I’ve spent a lot of years taking care of people so it’s my time to rest and recover and it only took a tumor to make me realize it … no biggy.

Plus I came up with some great ideas during my quiet time.

Do you ever give yourself permission to just rest?

Without giving reasons?

Just because you need and want it?


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2 thoughts on “I Gave Myself Permission to Rest”

    1. Thank you …. it was nice resting, but for a control freak like me, it was tough. 🙂 I’m doing much better now.

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