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Give Yourself a Break

A few weeks ago I had a pretty major surgery.  Having my husband drop me off at the door and going in all alone made it even scarier.  There weren’t any complications and so far I’m healing well, but it’s been a really bizarre experience.

I’m the kind of person who thrives on getting stuff done.  I literally have to schedule time to relax.  So being forced (more or less) to rest has added to my feelings of anxiety about the whole thing. 

I have to keep reminding myself to do less, that it’s only been a few weeks, that I need time to heal.

I have to give myself a break.

During this time of staying home and recovering I need to …

Actually rest

No multitasking …. rest is being still while watching TV or reading NOT balancing the checkbook or folding laundry in bed.

Let go of should

It’s okay if we don’t put up the Christmas tree this year.

It’s okay if we don’t have everyone over for a family gathering

 (we wouldn’t anyway this year, because of Covid).

It’s okay if I don’t get cards sent out until January.

It’s okay to tell people “no” and “I can’t or won’t do that”.

Plan for a better year

I can make a list of goals and plans for 2021.

I can read and study the things I need to do to reach those goals.

I can learn how to do things that will help me in the new year.

Do you need to give yourself a break?

What can you let go of so you have time to rest?

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