I’ve been a part of several conversations about addiction related to food stamps and giving money to homeless people and I just have to say that NOBODY chooses addiction in any form. I battled addiction for nine long years followed by nine months of coming off of the meds that made me a crazy person followed by two years of horrific withdrawal. My son battled addiction and only found help after being arrested. We know the pain that addiction can cause and NOBODY would ever choose that.

Yes, it’s a choice to pop that first pill, take that first drink, or eat that first bite, but you don’t choose how it takes over your life and just keeps wanting more from you. We use those things that we become addicted to to numb ourselves from the stresses that we just don’t know any other way to deal with. We all do it in some form or another. I know people addicted to drugs. I know people addicted to alcohol. I know people addicted to food. I know people addicted to Facebook and selfies. It comes in all forms. Whatever you are using to numb yourself can be an addiction.

So, Yes …. We give money to homeless people (along with socks, boxes of granola bars, and fruit) and we don’t question what they do with any of it, because if we’re giving in the true spirit of giving then what they choose to do with it isn’t any of our business … and if they look like they are an “addict” then we pray for them even harder, because we know what kind of life that can be and how important a simple kindness can be in a very dark place. WE KNOW !

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