I don’t want any.

Oh that might sound too harsh.  Let me rephrase.

Grandkids, those cherubic little bundles of love and goodness, I don’t want any.

I may want some in a few years.  I may not ever want them.

Hear me out.  We had 5 kids (we still have them by the way) in a 4 year time frame.  Our oldest is now 24 and our twins are 19 and everyone keeps telling us that we will be having grandkids soon.  We then kick them in the shins and yell “FUCK OFF!” almost every time (not to our preacher or his wife, but pretty much everyone else).

There were several years of raising our children that were not fun.  Actually, that’s a major understatement.  There were several years of raising our children that were pure HELL !!  No other way to describe it.  Then you add in my drug and drinking problems and dear goodness it’s an absolute miracle that D hung around.  He’s a good guy.

Anywho …. we remember the child raising years with a few moments of fondness, but a lot of moments of tears.  So we are enjoying our time without having to change poopy diapers, listen to crying babies, or worry about little kids.

I know.  I know.  It’s not my decision and it really isn’t about me, but I also know how D and I are and if one of our kids called us, because the baby didn’t have diapers or formula or was sick, we would do whatever we could to help …. and I’m just not ready for those years yet.  Plus all of our kids now live in the same town as us … oh shit … I just realized that … so we don’t even have distance as an excuse.

So you young empty nesters who already have grandkids, more power to you, but we will not be jumping up and down posting videos on social media of our excitement if we end up with one any time soon.  We have trips and evenings of binge watching Game of Thrones to plan for.  DAMMIT !!!

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