Growing Out My Glitter

When I was Paxilated aka bat shit crazy, I loooooooooooooved coloring my hair.


Ronald McDonald red (oh how I wish I were kidding)

Jet Black

Every shade of purple under the sun

I colored it about every two weeks … stinking up the house with fumes all the time.

People gave me the strangest looks, but in my messed up mind I thought they were pondering how fantabulous I looked.

They were NOT.

Maybe it’s age.  Maybe it’s my quest to simplify things.  Maybe it’s just time for a change.

So I’m growing out my “glitter”.  No more crazy hair coloring for this chick.

… and I love it.

It’s coming in a really awesome mix of gold, copper and silverish white.

Here’s a few pics, that just prove that different angles can produce very different pictures

this is one where it looks like an aging mousy brown (not really the real color)

here’s one that shows how difficult it is to take a picture of your own head (note the awesome pink tub)

this one is my favorite, because it makes my bright eyes look downright eeeeeeeeeeeeevil …. no filter at all, that really is my funky eye color AND this is closest to the color of my hair

What “beauty” routine are you tired of and want to cut out of your life?

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