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Have Straightener Will Travel

My kids tend to learn some lessons the hard way .. oh hell … who am I kidding?  They tend to learn ALL lessons the hard way, for example:  A few months ago Beth (younger twin child) let Rachel (oldest girl child “borrow” her straightener).  Do you see where this is going … Derek and I sure did.

I’ve told Beth seeeeeeeeeeeeveral times to get it back, mostly because I’m tired of buying my kids things that don’t end up staying at our house AND because I knew that the twins would end up using mine.  For those of you who don’t have teenagers yet, someday you will understand why I don’t let my kids “borrow” my stuff (the words lost, stolen, and broken come to mind … sometimes all three).   Well Beth hasn’t gotten the straightener back and this morning I caught her in the bathroom using mine.  So when I left for work this morning … I brought it with me.

Does this make me a crazy bitch and a horrible mother? probably … but I’ll be a crazy bitch and a horrible mother WITH STRAIGHT HAIR !!!  Now I get to carry around a straightener wherever I go … kind of like a pet rock … and only slightly more dangerous.


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