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Simplify Your Self

How being more Self-Aware can Simplify your Life

I’m on a self-awareness journey and I’d love for you to join me for a few reasons.

1.  Trips with me are always fun, because I have great snacks and play some really funky music

2.   We ALL need to be more self aware

3.  Being self aware can simplify your life in so many ways.

For this introduction to the journey post, here’s something I’ve started working on.  

Speaking up when I don’t really want to do something

A few weeks ago on a Friday evening, after a really stressful day at work full of difficult people, I told my husband I just wanted to watch some goofy comedy that didn’t require any real brain power.  Something I didn’t have to really think about.  Just pure entertainment to pass the time.  No real plot.  Lots of laughs.  Just plain goofy.  Like an ice cream cone for the brain, without the brain freeze.

He suggested we watch an action/super hero/lots of space and blowing stuff up kind of movie, because we hadn’t seen it yet and had talked about watching it. 

So that’s what we did even though every ounce of my being did NOT want to do that.

I sat there for about ten minutes and then had an epiphany, “I don’t have to do this.”

I’m an adult.  I can choose what I watch and don’t watch.  Plus all the traveling through space mixed with the constant motion and loud noises was giving me a headache.  I’m not really a fan of action or movies with a lot of violence anyway so the fight scenes in the first few minutes were irking me more than I already was. 

So I got up, declared “I don’t want to watch this”, left the room, and took a warm bath instead.  Of course he said something along the lines of “we can watch something else”.  Nope.  He wanted to watch it.  I didn’t.  I was fine taking a bath, reading, and just listening to the whir of my bathroom fan. 

I could have sat in there with him and endured the movie, because that would have been what it was … enduring.  I could have seethed about it all night, pissed off that we didn’t do what I wanted to do, or I could have spoken up and made my own alternate plans. 

I’m glad I was self-aware enough to voice my opinion and adult enough to realize that I could make my own choice in that situation.

Becoming more self-aware can simplify your life, because you spend less time regretting decisions you’ve made, you stop wasting time and money on non-productive things, and you have more genuine and honest relationships.

It’s not going to be an easy journey, but the view once we get there will be spectacular. 

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