how to stop feeling overwhelmed
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How to Overcome (or Avoid) Overwhelm

Every time I feel overwhelmed it’s due to information overload, like my brain just can’t process anything else.  As I was scrolling through social media, signing up for even more e-mail newsletters, webinars, and free trainings, I realized I wasn’t following my own advice to “use what you have”.  I was just adding more stuff to the overwhelm.

It’s like I was being flooded with information, but I refused to turn off the faucet.

I decided I had to change my habits when it came to information.  I needed to use what I already had.  I needed to sort through (and get rid of some of) the massive amounts of books, podcasts, trainings, e-mails, etc. I already had saved BEFORE I added anything else.

Are you dealing with what you already have FIRST?

Are you bringing more physical stuff (clutter) into your house without decluttering what you already have?

Are you just out of a really bad relationship, but already looking for a new one, before dealing with the fallout of the one you’re still healing from?

Are you taking on other people’s problems without dealing with your own FIRST?

Deal with what you already have … before you let ANYTHING else in.

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