I Am

I asked/made D watch another Oprah Life Class with me last night and I’m so glad that we watched it together.  We’re both working on becoming better people, forgiving things, trying to stay positive and working hard on our attitudes.

The episode featured Pastor Joel Osteen who talked about how negative attitudes about our lives can affect so many things and he suggested that we stop using negative statements to describe ourselves and to change them to positive, hopeful statements … and I agree.

I spend way too much time saying things like:

I am broke.

I am tired.

I am fat.

when I should be saying things like:

I am working to pay off debt.

I am working to be more rested and less stressed.

I am working on becoming healthier.

What “I am” statements can you change from negative to positive?

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2 thoughts on “I Am”

  1. Changing from a negative mindset to a positive one is very hard. I have been trying to do a much better job of finding positive things to focus on and avoiding people that try to bring me down.

    1. The avoiding negative people is a HUGE thing .. it’s tough to do sometimes … especially when you are forced to be in situations with them, but only WE can decide how WE react to it. I usually end up feeling grateful that I’m not that negative.

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