How you spend your time, money and energy shows the world what is important to you.

Lately my time and energy have been spent on things other than this site (two side businesses, volunteer work, spending time with my babies while they are still considered to be “kids”, spending time with D, working full-time, etc.).  My money has been spent on boxed wine and paying down debt, I don’t see anything wrong with either of those things so there is no reason to rock that boat.  However, this site and all of you are important to me and I need to spend more lunch breaks typing up things that most people don’t care about.  I talk to several of you on a daily basis in one form or another and I would miss you terribly if those (somewhat odd) connections were gone.  So I’m going to try my darndest (yes, that’s a word) to spend more time writing at you this year.  I know I know … I’ve said such things before, but this time I might probably mean it.

I love writing.  I love rambling pretty much incoherent nonsense out into the world knowing that somewhere out there in that big somewhere out there (you know you just sang that to yourself) someone is reading and thinking either “I hate this chick and hope that she gets herpes and eaten by a zombie clown bear with a chainsaw” or “I love this chick and want to go with her on her world tour AND build a fort with her out of empty wine boxes” or “Meh … I feel nothing towards this chick and I’m going to go nuke myself a corn dog and watch some reality TV show about redneck hog farmers who are also in the mafia”.  Any of those options is perfectly fine with me, because I’m mature like that.

Anywho … I promise to do better and continue to ramble things at you that may or may not make sense.

P.S.  I was going to write a whole post on how horrible curfews are and how I get less sleep now than when my kids were babies, but that really doesn’t take an entire post.  So I’ll just say this …. MIDNIGHT CURFEWS SUCK NUKED CORN DOGS !!!

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