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Information Overload Can Lead to Mental Exhaustion

Every single day we’re bombarded with information from the TV, our phones, the Internet, gossip from coworkers, signs on the side of the road, etc. etc.  It’s no wonder our brains can’t get a break and we’re all showing more signs of depression and anxiety even though our lives are supposedly easier than they’ve ever been. 

We talked about how Mental Exhaustion manifests and have started recognizing that some things just aren’t that critical.

It’s not an easy task with pretty much any piece of knowledge right at our finger tips, but it really can help if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

So where does all of that mental noise come from?  Here are the ways I was letting too much info in …

Magazine, Newspaper, or Online articles

I subscribe to about twenty magazines.  I love them and can’t imagine not reading for about an hour every day.  It’s my escape from the world.  But there have been times when I felt I HAD to get through a certain number of magazines during the week or HAD to get all of the articles read in a certain amount of time.

Until I realized I was reading stuff that didn’t really even interest me.  So I’ve taught myself it’s okay to skip the articles that have nothing to do with my life, like the recipes and stuff about raising kids.  I don’t cook and my kids are somewhat adults so I don’t need to know that stuff.  There’s no point in spending my time and mental energy reading those articles.

It’s also okay to stop reading an article or book you’ve lost interest in.  It’s okay to not finish a TV show (or series) or movie if it’s not holding your attention.  Give yourself permission to be a quitter of things that are a waste of your time and energy.

Are you letting information from media into your mind that doesn’t really need to be there?


I don’t listen to gossip and I try really hard not to spread it.  I’ve learned to row my own boat and don’t have the time nor the mental energy to waste on talking trash about someone else.  Of course if I can help someone, I will, but just talking about them in a malicious way doesn’t help anyone.  If you catch yourself being a part of a conversation that really isn’t productive and is totally judgmental, ask yourself why you care what’s going on in someone else’s life.  If it’s because you feel better when you’re talking about something bad happening to someone else then you have a Bully Mentality and need some counseling. 

Plus if it has nothing to do with you or your life then you’re wasting mental energy on knowing it.


When I first started wanting to grow my site and learn how to make it better, I signed up for tons of e-mail newsletters and courses.  I downloaded e-books.  I printed out worksheets.  I watched webinars.  I wanted to know it all and I thought I had to learn it all RIGHT NOW! 

I was wrong.  Signing up for all of that stuff just meant I would constantly have a full Inbox and tons of e-mails to sort through daily.  So I started unsubscribing to the ones that I really didn’t need.  I don’t have to know it all now and I can always go back and sign up later.  I only have time to learn one thing at a time anyway.


I used to turn on the morning news every weekday while I was getting ready for work.  It was sort of just background noise, but sometimes I would get caught up watching a story.  Then I started being late for work and often was upset about whatever tragic thing happened for the rest of the day.

Then one day I didn’t turn it on.  Then I didn’t turn it on the next day either.  Or the day after that.  It’s been over two years since I’ve purposely watched any news, probably close to three.  I don’t miss it one bit.  If something big happens someone will tell me and I don’t need a constant barrage of tragic things in my mind. 

Mindless Scrolling

How many times a day do you pick up your phone (out of habit) and scroll through a news feed or social media?  Every single thing you see has to be processed by your brain.  Is it worth your mental time and energy to know that a celebrity baked a cake?  Maybe not.

Start noticing what things you’re allowing into your mind (and your soul).  Can you cut back on the amount of information, especially if it isn’t beneficial or useful to you, you’re allowing in?

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