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It Was a Nice Gesture

After days of mud, and brown snow, and driving by the landfill on my way to and from work every single day – the car looked like poo. So my loving husband took it through the car wash yesterday evening on his way back from filling it up with gas. Yes – he is that kind of guy ! It still amazes me sometimes how badly I treated this wonderful man when I was doped out of my mind on meds and vodka. What woman wouldn’t want a man who went to put gas in the family vehicle and then stopped to wash it before he brought it home?

It was a nice gesture and I really appreciated it, until we tried to get the doors open this morning. Who knew that when you washed your car in twenty degree weather that the doors would freeze shut? I know that it sounds like a common sense kind of thing, but it literally never crossed our minds. Riley stood there outside the van (yes – super woman DOES drive a Nissan Quest) and tried to either jerk the handle off of the door or rip his arm out of the socket, because everybody knows that all of the world’s problems can be solved with brute force. He did NOT get the door open. However, he did get it budged enough to make the sensor beep the whole time that I drove the kids to school (after the kids had to all crawl through the front seats to get to their seats – after they walked through every mud puddle in the neighborhood so that I would have muddy foot prints on my ass for the rest of the day).

I cursed – more than once !!! After a morning of D complaining because somebody washed their shoes in his bathroom sink and literally splashed mud all over the bathroom as if they were at a monster truck rally, Riley trying to wear shorts to school in twenty degree weather because he didn’t bother to tell us that all of his jeans were dirty, and Rachel standing in the middle of my bathroom spraying hair spray like she was Dolly Parton preparing for a concert – the stuck doors was the last straw. This camel had had it – and I cursed !

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