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Just Be Quiet

We had a huge event in our family this past weekend.  It went off without a hitch.  A perfect day.  A great weekend.

…. but we were exhausted when Sunday night rolled around so

I took the day off work Monday to relax and get some things done that had been neglected while event planning was going on (the past few months).

As D napped Monday afternoon, I sat in our lounge (former kid room turned into TV/comfy furniture/bar room) and did nothing.  By nothing, I mean absolutely NOTHING.

I had watched an episode of This is Us through the Chromecast,  stopped the casting and just sat.

The beautiful pictures that show up on the Chromecast screen just scrolled by.

I didn’t feel the need to find something else to watch.

I didn’t look for a magazine or book to read.

I didn’t try to fill the space with noise or action.

I sat and was just quiet.  In the quiet.  Being quiet.  Listening to the quiet.

I started thinking of all the ways I’m blessed.



Great marriage

Kids who are figuring out life

Finding my purpose

I wouldn’t have had that moment of reflection if I had fought the quiet.

So my challenge to you over the next few weeks is to find a place or quiet, real quiet.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Reflect on where you’ve been … where you are … and where you want or need to go.

Just be quiet.

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