This week our state passed two measures that change which crimes are considered misdemeanors and which are felonies.  Basically it reduced the charge for people who had a small amount of drugs on them or stole things under a certain dollar value.  I’m a little shocked that it passed.  The other one established a fund for alternative programs so that we could reduce the prison population in the state.

I saw both measures as a good thing.

Some people I know didn’t … especially those who have family members in law enforcement.  I had to walk away from a few heated discussions where they joked about “drug addicts” voting for those new laws.

I’m a recovering addict.  Our son is a recovering addict.  It’s a battle every single day to do what’s right and having people label you sure doesn’t make it any easier.

I see the new law changes as a good thing, because someone can now come out of rehab with a misdemeanor instead of a felony charge, which makes it a lot easier for them to find a job.  Finding a job makes it a lot easier for them to support themselves.  Supporting themselves makes it a lot easier to stay out of trouble and not end up back in jail or prison.


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