Life List

Things I want to do in this life (because in the after life, I will be living in a cardboard box covered in glitter):

make a life list  January 25, 2012

– solve a Rubik’s cube

eat something from a food truck  September 8, 2017

– speak to a large crowd

– go ziplining

– go to a midnight movie

– spend a whole week alone

– eat crab (with the little hammer and the bib)

– learn to crochet

– own something from the Sundance catalog

– get my own room

– learn to drive “a standard”

– go to a hockey game

– publish a book

– start doing stained glass projects again

– publish an article

– learn how to light a grill and cook actual food on it (that is edible)

dance in the rain  August 7, 2012

watch Casablanca  June 6, 2012

be mocked by my readers for making a life list February 15, 2012

– ride a horse

– see the ocean

– spend the night under the stars

– learn Spanish

– pay off unsecured debt

– ride in a hot air balloon

– wear a hat in public

– go to New York City (to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade)

– learn how to use chopsticks

– spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

– ride a train

go down a water slide  July 20, 2013

– buy a “good” camera and learn how to use it

– learn how to start a lawn mower and actually mow a lawn

– maintain a healthy weight between 180 and 185 pounds for at least six months

eat ribs (yes, I live in Oklahoma and have NEVER eaten ribs)  April 21, 2012

watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s  February 2, 2013

read Pride and Prejudice  July 28, 2012

– learn how to play chess

– learn how to change a tire

– learn how to jump start my car


16 thoughts on “Life List”

  1. I am totally convinced that Rubik’s are unsolvable. I’ve never seen anyone do it. So I am going to indulge you and suggest you buy one, take it out the box, twist one layer 360degrees in any direction, and then stop. Congrats Slappy my friend, you just solved a Rubiks!

    1. How about I buy one …. scramble the crap out of it … and mail it to you! Yeah yeah – that’s a great idea. muahahahahaha

  2. You’ve never worn a hat in public? I’m impressed by that, it shows that you actually do something with yourself before leaving your home. I have a strong tendency to put my hair in a ponytail, throw on my trusty Cubs hat (which has performed better over the last 14 years than the Cubs themselves, yet I still love them. But that’s a whole other story), and out the door I go.

    1. I can honestly say that I have NEVER worn a hat in public … but when I do, it is going to be a doozy of a hat … with a dead bird and some singing hamsters on it!

  3. Great list! It will be exciting to check them off one by one! Using chopsticks is fun! I have some from restaurants and bought some that you can wash and reuse. When my kids were little we had a candlelight Chinese dinner (just me and the kids) once in a while at home and we would all use them!

    1. Well … liking Chinese food might make the chopsticks thing easier. Maybe I need to add “find some Chinese food that I like” to my Life List.

  4. you have very lofty goals. i always tend to underestimate myself, that way i’m never really disappointed when i fail utterly.

    ME <—- Pessimist.

    1. Stop that right now!!! You can come eat ribs with me, while using chopsticks, on New Year’s Eve in VEEEEEEEEEGAS !!!

  5. I can teach you how to use chopsticks. You can practice with brocolli or pizza rolls, like some kinda animal lol!!

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