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Make the Effort to Find Your Balance

Are you making the effort to find your balance in this world?

Is it just me or does the world seem to be getting crazier all the time?  I know I sound like the “GET OFF THE LAWN!” crowd here, but I’m not quite sure we’re evolving into better people in a better place.  We’ve created busyness and chaos in the name of progress, but I wonder if we’ve really progressed at all.   I know I felt that way about myself.

A few months ago I was seriously burned out.  My job is super-duper (yes, that’s a word) stressful and there just never seemed to be a time to rest.  So I decided one Sunday to stay home and do nothing … and do nothing I did.  I watched seven episodes … SEVEN EPISODES! of Mistresses only getting up from the comfy chair in the lounge for food and bathroom breaks. 

I was thinking that just watching mindless TV would give me the break I needed for my brain and body.

I was wrong.

At the end of the day, I felt worse than when I started.  It seemed like I was actually more tired PLUS I got absolutely nothing done around the house.   That approach obviously wasn’t the solution I needed.

Plus after listening to a mental health podcast that talked about how we’re all conditioned to respond to notifications on our phones and how constantly being available is actually contributing to depression and anxiety, I decided to make a few changes.

This past weekend, I moved my most often viewed phone icons to another page so they’d be harder to access and I turned off notifications.  Then all weekend I left my phone in a room that I wasn’t in … and guess what … THE WORLD DID NOT END!  Yes, at first it was a little strange, almost like I was missing a vital body organ, but as the first day progressed and I stayed productive, I missed it less and less.

I was mindful about everything I was doing and didn’t even check my phone in between tasks.  If there’d been an actual emergency then I would have heard it ringing wherever I was in the house, but I knew post likes, new e-mails, and updates were not emergencies.

I made a list that mixed getting stuff done and resting.  Here’s what I accomplished on Sunday by being mindful and not screenful (yes, I just made up that word).

  • got up early (like usual) and read several things
  • wrote a chapter in my novel
  • went to church
  • ate a healthy lunch
  • took a nap
  • did the dogs’ nails
  • exercised
  • watched the shows I love to watch
  • wrote a few chapters in my self-help book
  • did some training
  • felt proud of myself

That was the biggest thing.  At the end of the day, I felt soooooooooooo proud of myself for not being a slug all day nor a prisoner of my phone.  I didn’t feel guilt or regret at all.  It was such a good feeling.  I highly recommend it.

I know my weekends aren’t always going to be that way and there will be some days when my balance between being productive and resting is a little different, especially if I’m sick or something like that, but I also know I could get used to the feeling of being proud of myself.   I helped my future self and I know she appreciates it.

P.S.  You may have noticed the letters written on each day of my planner in the photo for this post.  When I first decided to kick start 2020 as my year of Effort, I decided to do certain things every day and so far I’ve done really well at it.

The letters are written in my planner for each day and I circle them as I do each thing. 

E = Exercise (even if it’s just for 5 minutes)

T = Track what I eat (so I’m more mindful about what I eat and why)

W = Write something (a blog post, a chapter in my novel, a course outline, etc.)

M = this one has a slash through it to symbolize NOT Multitasking

G = take small daily steps towards my Goals

P = Pray daily (I added this one a few weeks ago)

It’s definitely part of finding MY balance.  If I do these things each day (or most days) I notice that my mood improves and my attitude is better. 

What simple things can you do each day to help you make the effort to find your balance?

productive weekend routine

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    1. Oh I know, but I’m trying to remember how I feel if I don’t make the effort and I sure don’t like that feeling.

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