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A few years ago during a sermon at my church the pastor reminded us that we’re a soul with a body NOT a body with a soul.  Everything we truly are is not our body.  The body is just how our soul is transported around.  It’s the vehicle to get our soul and our mind from place to place.  It’s the way we can express what we’re feeling and thinking.  It’s like our soul and mind got into our body and decided to drive it around for a while.

Hearing that reminder changed how I viewed my body.  I started realizing I had abused it for years and if I kept doing it, the vehicle that carried me around was going to break down a lot earlier than it had to. 

There’s not a used body lot where you can sell it for scrap.  There’s not a body dealership that lets you trade in the worn out one for a new model.  You only get one.  That’s it.

Think about how you’re treating your body as if it’s the only vehicle you will ever own (it is).

Are you fueling it with junk (salt, sugar, chemicals, bad for you fats, etc.)?

Are you neglecting the maintenance (exercise, doctor visits, taking your vitamins, etc.)? 

Are you beating it up and junking it up (neglecting self-care, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.)?

Obviously there are things outside of our control when it comes to our health, but why not make an effort with the things we can control?

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