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Are you making BAD life investments?

Think about this for a minute …

Let’s just say that five years ago a friend of yours who seemed brilliant in all things business related came to you wanting your opinion on a new venture they were thinking about starting.  You were looking for something to invest in and this idea seemed like a great one.  You committed to writing a check to them for $100 each and every month … and you did.  You never thought to question where the money was going, you just kept writing checks in the hope that one day it would pay off big.

Then one day you have the news on in the background while you’re making dinner.  They mention your friend’s name.  Wait …. whaaaaaaaaaaat?  They’ve been arrested on drug charges and for writing hot checks and for insurance fraud.  You are in absolute shock.  How could this happen?  You’ve lost all that money.  You’ll never get it back.

So you just keep writing them those $100 a month checks.  Right?

Oh wait … you mean you don’t want to keep throwing your money into an endless pit of shadiness?

I agree.  You shouldn’t.

You will never get the money back.  You will never be able to invest that money into something else.  You will never fully regain the trust you had for your friend.  Those things are gone.

So why would you keep investing in something that has gone so horribly bad?

You wouldn’t.

So why do you keep investing your time, energy, and money into other areas of your life that are bad investments?

I don’t care how long you’ve been in a bad relationship, you don’t get that time back no matter what you do, so think about how you want to feel in the next ten years and let the last ten years (or five or twenty or whatever amount of time you invested in it) go.

I don’t care how much money you’ve invested in a business that is failing no matter what you do or how much debt you take on, you don’t get that money or time back, so think about what you would rather spend your money and time on in the future.

I don’t care how much time you spent getting college degrees that can only be used in jobs you are miserable at, you don’t get that time (and probably lots of money) back, so think about how you want to feel in a career from now on.

We spend so much energy regretting the decisions we’ve made, somehow thinking that wishing things were different would magically make them so.  It doesn’t.

Nothing ever changes if NOTHING …. EVER …. CHANGES.

Let go of the idea that you should stick with something, because you’ve “invested” in it.

You can’t get back your bad investments.  Let them go and start making better ones.


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