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Are You Making Life Harder …?

I’m working really hard on being a calmer person … DAMMIT!

No seriously, I really am.

However, I’ve noticed that some things in life are just frustrating.  Then I also noticed that there are ways to make those things not so frustrating and I was actually just making my life harder by not figuring that out.

Example #1 …. My vitamins

Every morning I take a multivitamin, a calcium and an immunity booster.  They sit on my kitchen cabinet.  But some mornings, when my brain was either fuzzy or in hyper drive, I couldn’t remember which ones I had already taken.

Enter the simple solution …. move the bottles from one side of the cabinet to the other.  Take the multivitamin, move the bottle to the other side.  Take the calcium, move the bottle to the other side.  Take the immunity booster, move the bottle to the other side.  Ta-Da!  Accurate pill taking every single day.

Example #2 … Trash in my car

I’m an empty nester, as you know.  So I typically am the only person who rides in my car.  Which also means that I can’t blame the trash on anyone else.  Every morning I either eat a peppermint or a sucker (breakfast of champions for sure).  Guess where the trash goes … yep, the floorboard in the backseat … sooooooooooo whenever someone did ride with me, I had to spend time gathering up armloads of trash and figuring out what to do with it.

Enter the simple solution …. a trash bag.  Yep … it was really that easy and yes, I do feel pretty stupid for not figuring that one out sooner.

Example #3 …. laundry tabs

We use laundry tabs in our dog laundry and towels (not washed together of course) to get out stains and stinks.  For years, not an exaggeration, I would put the towels in the washer, throw in the laundry tab and then curse after the tab either got stuck in the door seal of the washer or fell out on the floor.  YEARS !!!

Enter the simple solution …. put the tab in the washer FIRST!  No further explanation needed on this one.

Example #4 …. salad dressing

I eat lunch at my desk quite often.  I know.  I know.  It’s horrible for me to be sitting at my desk.  Blah Blah Blah.  It could be worse. At least I’m not spending my lunch break snorting meth in my car.  See … now eating at my desk doesn’t seem so bad.

Anywho … I get salads from a place down the street rather often.  I bring them back to my office, lay everything out and then spray salad dressing all over the place as I try to tear the package the way it’s supposed to be torn.  By the way, has anyone in the history of everything EVER opened an easy open package the right way.  I doubt it.

Enter the simple solution … scissors. They are literally an arm’s reach away in my desk drawer.  No more wearing ranch dressing all day.

Are you making your life harder than it has to be too?

The next time you find yourself getting frustrated.  Find the solution.  It’s there in your brain, I know it is.


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