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Mental Health of an Empath

My whole life I’ve been searching for an answer without even really knowing the question, “Why am I this way?”.

Then last week in an online group someone posted about being an Empath and I did some research, like I do for anything that intrigues me.  I’d heard of being an Empath before, but never really understood what it meant.  Someone else in the group posted a self-assessment test to help evaluate whether or not you were one and I got an overwhelming affirmation.  I answered yes to most of the questions.

Everything started to make sense.   I ordered the Empath’s Survival Guide and started reading as soon as it arrived.  I finally started to understand so much about myself.  Why I’m a worrier.  Why the world seems overwhelming to me.  Why I take on the problems of people around me.  Why I crave being alone to recharge.  Why I use food and alcohol to cushion myself from the world.

Knowing these things has changed everything about my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I now understand why I was so stressed out and given antidepressants I never needed (which probably happens often for Empaths). 

Of course if I’d had this information thirty years ago my life would look completely different, but I can’t dwell on the “what if” and “if only”.  I have to be grateful that this information has come into my life now and use it to keep fighting my fight. 

If you’re feeling lost like I was, please don’t stop searching for your answers.  Be open to them being out there and they will eventually find you … possibly at the perfect time.

Link to Book – Empath’s Survival Guide

Are you an Empath? Take this Self-Assessment Test to find out

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