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You’d probably shrug or bust out with a nervous laugh.  Sure it would be a strange and awkward thing for someone to ask, but it needs to be asked.  Often.

We spend so much time rushing from place to place trying to get all the things done that we have to, need to, and want to get done that we don’t pay much attention to the things we do for our mental and physical health.

Every morning I wake up around 5:30 am.  On weekdays, the alarm goes off around that time, but I typically don’t even need it.  Even on the weekends, my body just naturally wakes up by 6:00.  If I roll over and the alarm clock says 6:30, I feel like I’ve slept really late.  It’s just my natural timing and I don’t fight it.

In fact, those early morning hours when the house (and the rest of the world) is mostly quiet are the times I love the most.  That’s when I take time to take care of myself.

I take a bath in my beautiful, pink, vintage tub.  I read books (both real paper and Kindle ones).  I look at magazines.  I wash and sometimes deep condition my hair.  I wash and sometimes use a face mask on my face skin.  It’s my time and I feel absolutely no guilt about it.

Are you taking time to take care of yourself?  Even if it’s just 15 minutes at the beginning or end of your day (depending on your timing), you really need to take the time to do what you want to do and be mindful of your self care.


Being mindful is simply being in the moment.

If you decide to read a book or a magazine, JUST read a book or a magazine.

If you want to take a warm bubble bath, JUST take a warm bubble bath (you can read at that time too).

If you want to shampoo your hair, be mindful of the experience.  Slow down the process and really enjoy the feeling of the suds and the motion of massaging your scalp.

Do the same when you wash your face.  Take the time to really clean your skin.  A mini facial massage only takes a few minutes.  No need for a spa appointment at all.

Even brushing your teeth is an opportunity to be more mindful.  Be in the moment.  Feel the bristles scrub your teeth.  Enjoy the feeling of smooth chompers and fresh breath.

I hope you’ll take the time to really take care of yourself and not rush the experience of it.  It can help your physical AND your mental health.  Be Mindful with your Self Care.

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