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Moments of Choices

A few weeks ago I talked about my newly discovered love of Podcasts.  During my alone time in my mobile sunroom (my car) I love listening to interviews and Oprah interviews are some of my favorites.  One that really changed how I see things was her talk with Geneen Roth, the author of Women, Food and God.

Here’s a link to an article about her on Oprah’s site

Geneen Roth talks to Oprah

The Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher in Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations series … it’s worth a listen.

One of the biggest take-aways for me was her talking about how we beat ourselves up over a bad decision.  We say something we shouldn’t have.  We eat (or drink) something we know will make us feel bad.  We do something to hurt someone just to make ourselves feel better.

Then we rehash it over and over again even though we know that doesn’t change a damn thing.

Geneen suggested that we instead see each day as a supply of choices and that each time a choice arises, we see it as God, the universe or the magical unicorns (whatever you believe) giving us another chance to do the right thing.

That we celebrate the opportunity of choices.

That we understand each day is full of moments of choices and in that moment we can slow down and really ponder what the outcome of that choice may be.

It’s helped me so much in 3 areas … eating, my actions and my words.

I pause when I realize that a moment of choice is happening and think about how my choice will either help or hurt me, help or hurt someone else or simply not matter much at all.

Will eating a cheeseburger be worth the small moment of enjoyment when five minutes after I finish it I have heartburn and just feel blah?

Will not getting my work done make me feel good about my day?

Will saying something hateful or hurtful really help an already bad situation?

Pause … consider the consequences and be thankful for the moments of choices in your day.

I am.



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