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Motivate Yourself with a Simple Challenge

Do you ever just feel blah?

There really isn’t anything necessarily wrong, but you just don’t have much enthusiasm.  Don’t worry.  It’s all part of being human and is perfectly normal if it only happens every once in a while.

But it is a strange feeling.  So I came up with a solution to help me through my blah moments, which often come when I don’t really have anything coming up that I can look forward to.  So I create something to look forward to … the feeling of accomplishment.

This is one of my favorite motivation tips.

I set a challenge for myself.  It doesn’t have to be anything gigantic or majorly life changing.  It just gets me out of my funk and gives me a purpose. 

For the month of August I am challenging myself to 3 Things …

1.  Keep the dining room table (our only eating table) clutter free

2.  Eat more meals at the dining room table (instead of in front of the TV)

3.  No alcohol (not even beer or wine)

I’m now over a week into it and it really is getting easier with each day.  Every night before we go to bed, I check to make sure something hasn’t been “dumped” on the table, because we were too lazy to put it where it really went.  We’ve had some crazy evenings, plus my husband works shift work, so we haven’t had the chance to sit down together and eat at the table, but it’s going to happen.

Drinking alcohol has been a habit I’ve struggled with since my Paxil days when I physically craved vodka (a side effect that’s been reported more and more lately).  I say it’s a habit, because it’s not something I really feel the need to do, I just do it because it’s almost automatic.  So for the month of August I took the option off the table (so I guess all of my challenges are table related … hmmmmm).

Have you challenged yourself lately?

It doesn’t have to be anything ginormous (not a word?  don’t care)

Here are a few examples …

don’t snack while watching TV for 5 days

read every day for 10 days

exercise at least 3 times per week

keep the bathroom clean for one week

spend 30 minutes outside every day for two weeks

write a chapter every day for a week

turn off all screens one hour before bed every day for a month

self sabotage habits

What habit do you need to slowly change?

Can you turn it into a challenge for yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Motivate Yourself with a Simple Challenge”

    1. When I don’t have any motivation I “force” myself to just get one thing done. Sometimes that motivates me to do more. Sometimes I just get that one thing done and that’s okay, because at least I got something accomplished. Be kind to yourself and start with little steps.

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