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Finding Time

I use the excuse, “I don’t have enough time” well … all the time.  I only call it an excuse, because that’s what it is.  It’s not true.  I have time.  I have plenty of time.  I’m an empty nester with only myself and some dogs to take care of for goodness sake.  I have so much time I could give it out like Oprah with cars.  YOU GET SOME TIME!  AND YOU GET SOME TIME!  AND YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU GET SOME TIME!

Yet, I continue to hint around that my life is so busy I can’t do things or flat out lie to faces and use my not so busy life as an excuse not to do things. Yeah yeah yeah … I’m a horrible person … blah blah blah.

Anywho … I can’t be the only one who THINKS they don’t have enough time to get the important things done.  Right?

So I’m doing a Time Audit.  I’m an accountant.  Any excuse to use the word “audit” and make a spreadsheet sounds like a jolly good time to me.  Yes, I’m a little odd.

For the rest of the week, I’m writing down how much actual time I spend on activities that are non-productive … things like playing around on social media, staring into space, looking up pictures of puppies, more playing around on social media, imagining what Ryan Hurst would look like as a gladiator, etc.

I have the time to build up my side businesses.  I have the time to do the things I want to with this site.  I have the time to write e-books and design webinars.  I have the time to do a lot of things, I’m just choosing not to.  I’m not being honest with myself and I’m wasting prime productive minutes on things that really don’t matter.

Who’s with me on this challenge?  Do you have the time (see what I did there?) to really look at how your spending your days?  What’s really your excuse for not getting things done?

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4 thoughts on “Finding Time”

  1. Awesome! I don’t think I want to know how much time I waste in the Facebook black hole and rabbit holes finding fun new stuff I don’t have time to do but add to the “someday” list. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!

    1. Since I’ve started “the audit”, I’m much more aware of how I’m spending my time. My biggest thing is not using the “I don’t have time” excuse, because that’s not true. I do have time to do the things I want and need to do.

    1. It’s tough to do at first, but I’m already catching myself when I’m not being productive. The “time audit” works.

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