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How to Get Through a Blah Day

I’m feeling blah today.  Not really exhausted, just a little tired.  Not really motivated, just here.  Not really sick, but just don’t feel right.  So the only way to describe it is blah.

It happens to every human every once in  a while.  The weight of the world just gets too heavy and our systems say “wait just a damn minute here … we don’t want to do anything today”.  I’ve learned how to deal with the occasional blah day and I hope these tips can help you when you have one.

How to Get Through a Blah Day

  • Get Up!  Studies have been done thousands of times that prove that laying in bed ruminating about how blah you feel only makes you feel more blah.  They probably didn’t use the word  “blah”, but it was something similar.  I used to do that.  I would feel a little bit off so I would lay around thinking about how off I really felt, which only made me feel worse.  I could have called in sick to work today and just stayed home stewing in my blahness, but I knew that wouldn’t solve anything.  I got up.  I took a bath.  I went to work.
  • Go through the motions.  Do the dishes.  Wash some laundry.  Slop the hogs.  Paint the house.  Do the boring reports at work that don’t require a lot of brain power.  Do the things that are so automatic, you could do them blindfolded … but don’t really do them blindfolded … especially if you’re painting the house, because trips to the ER aren’t as much fun as they sound.
  • Ask for help.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting those close to you know that you’re having a blah day.  They might know a funny joke that could put a smile on your face.  They might be willing to help you slop the hogs.  They might sit around and talk with you about how normal human beings feel blah every once in a while and how you shouldn’t try to fight it.  If you don’t have people like that then come sit on my porch with me and we’ll just be blah filled lumps together for a day.
  • Don’t numb yourself.  Everyone has a drug of choice and we all use them to fight human emotions.  Some people have actual drugs.  Some have alcohol.  Some have cupcakes.  Some have Facebook.  Some have feelings of superiority.  Whatever you use to numb yourself, fight the urge to use in on your blah days.  Feel what you are feeling, don’t try to stop it with anything.
  • Look forward to something … no matter how small.  I love painting my nails.  I’ve promised myself I will paint mine my favorite color if I can just endure today.  It’s my reward for going through the motions and not hiding from my feelings.
  •  Embrace the blah.  Humans have emotions and bad days and that’s okay.  I work through blah the same way I worked through my anxiety issues.  I learned to just pack that bitch up and take it with me.  Come on Blah … we’re going to work.  Blah rode with me in the car.  Blah did reports with me.  Blah listened in on phone calls and came to meetings.  Blah just tagged along.  After a while, I forgot she was even there.

It’s okay to not feel like yourself every once in a while.  It’s part of being human.  Sometimes we just need a reset and blah is the form it takes.  Nothing wrong with that at all.



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