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How to Prioritize Your Week

About a month ago, I wrote about hitting Overload and pretty much shutting down, because my brain just couldn’t process any more information. It wasn’t fun. (you can read that post by clicking here)  Did you read it?  No?  Okay …. I’ll wait.

Oh good … you’re back.

This morning I felt that familiar “oh shit …. I’m feeling that oh shit feeling again” and I knew I was coming dangerously close to the edge of another Overload episode.   In the line of living a more honest life, I have to disclose that I’m pretty sure hormones are contributing to that feeling a little and that just brings up whole other topics related to how unfair this whole monthly thing is and dammit all to heck on a cracker what the hell was I even talking about … pass the chips and a cupcake.  See.  It makes no sense.  Hormones.

Oh yeah … Overload.  I don’t want that to happen again, so I’ve come up with a new way to sort my weekly list.  I always make a list at the beginning of each week chock full of stuff that has to get done … or stuff I THINK has to get done.  I write all this stuff down and put tremendous pressure on myself to get it all done during the work week.


The new system starts this week.  Instead of just writing a list, the list will now have 3 categories; Have to, Need to and Want to.  Obviously the “Have to” category will be stuff that well HAS TO get done and so on and so forth.  Some of the “Want to” stuff just isn’t going to get done this week and I’ve got to learn to be okay with that (for the sake of what’s left of my sanity).

Here’s my new and improved list for the week …


  • all sorts of crazy stuff for work (that I obviously can’t talk about on a personal blog site)
  • 2 – 3 blog posts
  • groom dog and wash with her new shampoo (she’s itchy so this has to get done)


  • watch at least one training video and read at least one training book from a bundle I bought
  • make calls and do overviews for my hobby/side business (I’ve let it slide and really want to build it back up again)
  • start doing yoga again in the mornings (tomorrow morning seems like a good time to start back up)


  • simplify my home page on this site, which can tie into a post (but the simplifying part will take a little time)
  • create a favicon and add it to my site (a favicon is the little icon that shows up by the site name in the address bar)
  • create a Reddit account and learn how to use it

As you can see, NOTHING on the want list is of crucial importance.  The world will NOT end if those things don’t get done … so the HAVE and NEED list will come first.  The things I get done are checked off and the things that need to be pushed to the next week get an arrow beside them, so I know to put them on next week’s list.   The world will also not end if I can’t spend a lot of time on social media this week, which I’m trying to have a better strategy about anyway.

I’ll include how I did with my new list system in my Periscope broadcast on Friday.  If you don’t have Periscope yet, you just download the app and follow me @slappyintheface.  You don’t have to EVER post your own videos, but you can watch all sorts of cool people share through that app.

My challenge for you today is to prioritize your list.  What things do you have to, need to and want to get done?   Let’s all avoid Overload together. 🙂

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