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Let Go of Should

Watch more than a few minutes of regular TV and you’re going to see commercials.  Play a game on a free app and you see them there too.  They’re even in online videos now … little thirty second blips of things they want you to think you need.  You should buy this car.  You should buy this hair color.  You should start this diet, eat at this restaurant, take these pills, etc.  We’re bombarded with outside influences trying to tell us how we should be living.

I’m guilty of it too …

A friend was talking about wanting to lose weight and my mind went to …. I should lose 20 pounds.

Our credit card bill came in and my mind went to …. I should be doing everything I can to pay this off faster.

Someone told me they got a promotion and a raise at work and my mind went to …. I should find a job where I make more money.

A friend told me she talks to her grown daughter every single day and my mind went to …. I should try harder to be in our kids lives.

D and I had a conversation about being in a lull with nothing exciting really going on and both our minds went to …. we should be happier.

Should Should Should …. who says so?

Why do we put pressure on ourselves to change when things are going just fine.

So I turned my Shoulds around.

I should lose 20 pounds turned into … I’m eating better so I can feel better.

I should pay off debt faster turned into … We’re working to pay off debt, but it’s okay to go out to eat every once in a while.

I should find a job where I make more money turned into …  We’re using what we have, not spending money on things we really don’t need, and my current job gives me a lot of flexibility … plus there’s no guarantee I would find one (considering my circumstances) where I made more money.

I should try harder to be in our kids lives turned into … We probably talk to our kids the average amount of time.  They’re all in their early twenties with jobs and relationships, figuring out life.  Plus they know where we live (the same house they were raised in), so if they need us … they know where to find us.

We should be happier turned into … A lull with nothing exciting going on is A LOT better than the wrong kind of excitement.  We’ve lived through a lot of bad excitement and that was no fun at all.  Cooking pasta and playing board games in the evenings is actually a pretty good way to wind up a day.

We also know that we strive to be to content and those moments of happiness WILL come.

What “Should” is rolling around in your head?  How can you turn it around and give yourself a break from the pressure?

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