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I have goals … some are specific (publish my books, speak in front of a large crowd, wear a hat in public, etc.) … some are more vague (help people, find a career where I can help people, be better, etc.).  I hope you have goals too and if you don’t then you really should get a few, they’re pretty  cheap and readily available.

Every day is a constant battle for most of us with the things that we HAVE to do and the things we WANT to do.  Some days the HAVE to do stuff wins out by a landslide, leaving us frustrated and often exhausted.  So the goals get pushed to the back, because there just isn’t enough time, money or energy left in our days to even acknowledge them.

That’s why we have to put this saying in our heads and repeat it every day … several times a day is even better.  I have it taped to my desk at work so I can see it all the time.  When I have a few minutes break during my day, I work towards my goals (typing out this post for example).   Anything I can do to put me closer is better than doing nothing.

At the end of my life, I won’t be remembered for all the endless hours I wasted on social media or the puppy videos I watched on YouTube.  I’ll be remembered for the things I did that really made an impact on someone else’s life … the ways I helped them … the kindness I showed … the goals I met.

Whenever you get down or discouraged and think that things will never change, remember this saying “Do it NOW … you can’t build a reputation on what you’re planning to do” and then do something to work towards your goals.


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