“Stop mourning the life you think you should’ve had and start really living the one you do.”

I tell myself this every day … sometimes more than once.

I really like this one too.

“Do it now … You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do”

So true … oh so true.

I had to move the “Lottery” page to this page in order to make room for other stuff

We buy lottery tickets when the jackpost gets really huge (because somebody has to win – right?).  5 sets of numbers (3 sets that we pick – mine and D’s birthdays and our anniversary, all of the kid’s birthdays (don’t ask me how, but it all works out – five kids should equal ten numbers but we have a set of twins and their numbers are already on there from their siblings … very odd I know), and all of our ages – plus 2 “quick picks”).  We are always talking about how we will spend the money WHEN (not if …. when) we win.  This is the list that we are working on.

1. Trip to Vegas for all of our close friends and the family members that we still talk to

2. Buy one square mile of land

3. Build house in the middle of one square mile of land

4. Install moat around house

5. Fill moat with piranhas trained to attack people that I do not like who might show up at my house trying to be all nice to me now that I’ve won the lottery