Simplify Your Health (mental too)

Feel Better by Moving

When I was in my Paxilated state and for quite a while afterwards, I couldn’t read.  Not that I didn’t know how.  I’m pretty sure I know how.  Unless of course I’m typing out gibberish right now thinking I’m making actual words and you’re reading it going “oh that poor thing … at least she’s trying”, but then it says a lot about you if you keep coming back to read my nonsense, which it probably is even when I do type out actual words.  So who’s the “poor thing” now?  hmmmm

Anywho … my ability to sit and enjoy reading has finally returned in full force.  At any one time, I’m working on reading a novel (right now it’s Twilight … don’t ask), a self help book (right now it’s something by Tony Robbins), a non-fiction book  and several magazines.  Reading is my escape from reality.  Writing needs to be, but I’m working on that one … obviously.  If only someone would pay me to sit around and read all day.  Are there jobs out there like that?  Please find me one.  Of course, after a few weeks I would probably find some way to bitch about that too … I’d be all “ugh … have to go do my dream job AGAIN”.   Unless they had a boxed wine bar at my reading office.  Then I could read gibberish along with writing it.  Win Win !!!

Anywho … again … in the Tony Robbins book he talks about how our physical states can change our mental outlook.  Meaning that if you feel like crap, getting up and walking around instead of sitting and sulking about it will actually make you feel better.  What a concept!  So today I’m going to get up and walk around every few hours for about ten minutes … or maybe I should walk around for a few hours every ten minutes.  Let’s go with that one!  Tony suggests that I have some sort of physical movement (ok .. that sounded strange) every time I’m feeling blah, or angry, or blangy (blah and angry).  So if my arm happens to physically move in the direction of another person who’s getting on my last damn nerve and my hand moves towards their face in a slappy movement, then we can only blame Tony.

I’ll use that in my defense.




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