My Calling

It’s funny how the world works sometimes.  Not funny in a “ha ha … look at that silly clown riding that tricycle” kind of way, more in a “wow … that really isn’t what I expected at all” kind of way.  Besides that … clowns are scary as hell and not funny at all so I can’t imagine the world working like that.

A few months ago I saw on ad somewhere for some books and since I have a slight addiction to self-help type things, I bought the men and women set.  I actually read mine.  I have no clue where D’s is.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know either … but that’s his problem, not mine.  He’s a grown up.  He can figure it out.

So I read my book …

Only I didn’t quite get it done in 21 days.  It was probably more like 60 days … maybe even closer to 90.  But that’s not the point.  I did it.  That’s what matters.

When I read self help books I tend to read them very sloooooooooooowly so I can really absorb what they’re trying to say.  Some of them I take notes on.  Some of them I read more than once.  Some of them (like this one) I will keep forever and go back to read again.

But this one was kind of different.  I did NOT expect the outcome at all.

Towards the end, around days 18-20 in the book, you do an exercise when you free write and just blurt out what you feel your top callings are.

I honestly thought my purpose in life was to build up this site, grow my e-mail list, write some books, do some trainings and that eventually be my full time job.

Well the clown riding tricycles kind of world did not agree.  When it got to the part of free writing/blurting what I felt my calling was …. that was not what I wrote down.

Honestly, it’s kind of unsettled me a little and I’m processing it, but overall I think it’s right.

I’ll still write and maybe someday I’ll do those other things, but for now, I’ve given myself permission to just be and see what else God (or the universe or the magical unicorns … whatever you believe) has in store for me.

I’ll continue to do the things I love like writing (including this site), reading and helping others (especially those who’ve been in situations like mine because of psychotropic medications and stress).

I’ll keep simplifying my life by reducing distractions and eliminating the unnecessary.

I’ll strive to make my home my sanctuary by getting rid of things I don’t want or need.

But I’ll stop pressuring myself to get more and more and more done.  I’ll get it done in time and I’ll learn to enjoy the journey.

My Calling is there and when the timing is right, I’ll be ready for it.

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    1. I’m usually reading a self help book, a non-fiction and a fiction … reading a little bit in each one every day. Some of the self help ones I have to read in small bits or they’re too overwhelming.

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