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My (modified) Whole30 Plan

If you haven’t heard of Whole30 go Google it now and read the “rules”.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

<insert funky jazz tunes hear as holding music>

Oh good … you’re back.

I first heard about the Whole30 eating plan from a Jen Hatmaker podcast
For the love of moxie: Episode 03
The Whole30 with Melissa Hartwig

Jen’s podcasts are some of my favorites and while I wasn’t really looking for an “eating plan”, the idea of this one kind of fascinated me in a strange way.   It’s similar to an elimination diet you would do to determine food allergies (been there … done that …. still pissed off about it), but kind of in reverse.  For the Whole30 plan you cut out common food triggers for 30 days, but then you slowly add them back in one at a time to see which food are making you feel bad.  Ta-da!  Genius!

I’ve kind of had a love – hate – love cupcakes – hate myself for eating them relationship with food for as long as I can remember.  Being described as a “big girl” for being 6′ tall since the 8th grade probably didn’t help matters.  Then this past February I thought I was dying from chest pains that nobody seemed to be able to figure out … turns out if was gastritis caused by my bad eating (and drinking) habits and I was slowly killing my own stomach lining … and it was seeking revenge on me and plotting my slow death while I slept … literally.

A stomach scope and instructions to take medication (which you know I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE having to do) seemed to help, but the chest pains and stomach issues never completely went away.

Then I heard Jen’s podcast about Whole30 around the same time the company I buy my vitamins from came out with a stomach enzyme supplement and the birds started to sing … it was my answer.

However, I was honest with myself enough to know I would NOT stick to a plan that completely cut sugar, dairy, grains and alcohol from my diet.  That would be like me saying I’m not going to cuss for a whole month.  We know that shit isn’t going to happen.  See what I mean.

So I modified it ….

Less sugar …. So far it hasn’t been much of a problem at all to cut back on sugar.  I don’t eat many “sweets” anyway.  I can live without Dr. Pepper.  I can still have my morning peppermint on the way to work (the breakfast of champions).

Fewer grains … I’m not really a big bread eater, unless it’s those cursed Red Lobster biscuits dipped in a Bloody Mary … I have to have those.  I used to eat bread pretty much because it was there.  Buns on a hot dog.  Buns on a hamburger.  Flour Tortillas.  Admit it … none of those really taste that great, so it wasn’t that hard for me to just not eat them.

Cut back on alcohol … I still have a Bloody Mary (Mr. and Mrs. T’s makes the BEST Bloody Mary mix) every once in a while and there are times when I’ll have a light beer with dinner, but I’ve mostly given up mixed drinks (sugary juices or mixers with hard liquor), because it just isn’t worth it to feel like crap the next day.

Selective Use of Dairy …. this has been the most difficult one for me.  I love cheese.  Real cheese … not that processed rectangle of crap.  Real cheese shop cheese … especially rough cut Tillamook brand … it’s delicious !!!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely give up dairy, but when I eat it now, I make it count.  A yogurt every once in a while in a flavor I love (the mix in Greek yogurt ones from Chobani are sooooooooooo good).  A sprinkle of high quality cheese on my chili.  A little bit of  ranch or onion dip with my veggies.

Long story short (too late) … I feel amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!  You aren’t supposed to weigh when doing the Whole30 eating plan, because weight loss really isn’t the point, but I snuck a weigh in the other day and even though I’ve only been eating like this for about 3 weeks, I’ve already lost 5 pounds.

It’s not for everyone, but I think I might have found a way of eating I can finally stick to … eat better to feel better!

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