My Sister Is Living My Life List

Friday night my sister and her kidlets came over for dinner and somehow the conversation turned to the topic of Life Lists.  She doesn’t really have one written down, but she started naming off things that she would like to do … so I pulled mine up on my phone and read it off to her.  SHE HAS DONE IT !!!

me:  have you even given a speech in front of a large crowd?

her:  what’s a large crowd?

me:  more than 50 people

her: yes, at my high school graduation

*  I had completely forgotten that she was one of those “top of the class” people

me:  do you know how to crochet?

her: yes, I did it all the time in high school

me:  well I know that you had your own room after I moved out

her (laughing):  I sure did!

me:  do you know how to start a lawnmower and a grill?

her:   yes and yes …. and I can’t believe that you don’t know how to do those things …. Pretty Princess!

me:  have you ever seen the ocean?

her:  yes, when we went to south Texas and yes, when I went to watch the Miss America pageant

me:  been to New York City?

her:  same trip as the Miss America pageant

*  okay …. by this time I was ready to scream and kick her !!!

me:  so you have probably taken a train ride AND a hot air balloon ride …

her:  that summer that me and mom went to Colorado



I immediately added one more thing to my life list …. check it out

**Disclaimer**  I would never actually harm my sister …. unless she sends me a pic of her eating crab legs while wearing a funky hat during a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas … then all bets are off !!!

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