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My Word for 2020 … Effort

At the end of last year, which was actually just a few days ago (but seems like much longer than that), I was mad at myself.  More than mad actually.  I was downright peeved and very disappointed.  I started off the year with good intentions of getting stuff done and reaching goals.  Then life happened and I didn’t make the effort. 

That was what I kept telling myself when things weren’t working out or I wasn’t getting things done, “Make the effort, Gina.” 

So when I started trying to think of my word for 2020, it came to me easily.  Effort. 

I’m not going to make my site better unless I make the effort to learn new things and implement them.

I’m not going to finish the books I’ve started writing unless I make the effort to put my cheeks in the chair and actually write.

I’m not going to make connections with people unless I make the effort to share my story more and put myself out there.

I’m not going to keep simplifying my life unless I make the effort to eliminate the unnecessary and concentrate on the people and things that really matter.

I’m not going to improve my physical health (and mental) unless I make the effort to exercise more, worry less, and eat better.

Even if I fail gloriously, I’m determined to make 2020 my year of Effort.

I’m starting it off by doing a January Jumpstart to the year.  I’ve come up with 5 simple things I can do every single day during the month of January that will get me back on track and making progress towards my 2020 goals.

Every day in January I will ….

1.  Exercise (even if it’s just for 5 minutes)

2.  Track EVERYTHING I eat

3.  Write (or type) something

4.  NOT multitask (if it’s worth doing, it’s worth my full attention)

5.  Take small steps towards my goals

I know (and love) the saying “Nothing ever changes is nothing EVER changes” and I’m applying it to 2020.  If I want things to change in my life then I have to make the effort.  Nobody else can do it for me. 

If you don’t have a word or saying or mantra for 2020 yet, I encourage you to find one.  It really can motivate you to make the changes you want and need in your life.

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