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Offered and Accepted

In my Quest to Destress and also in an effort to be nicer while also making my life easier (it’s a delicate balance), I have decided to be more mindful of accepting help when it’s offered.

If I walk into a store (a small store, not Wal-Mart where they don’t give a rat’s ace what you are looking for or if you find it) and the salesperson asks to help me …. I let them.  I didn’t use to do this.  The Paxilated (bat shit crazy me) actually enjoyed treating people badly and I would often look down on salespeople and talk to them like they were lower than snails tails … it’s pretty low.  Now the friendlier, not so crazy, me realizes that it makes people feel good to help … so I’m letting them.

It also works when you go to a party or to someone’s house for a visit.  If they offer you water, coffee, a piece of furniture, or a new puppy … YOU TAKE IT !!!   It makes them feel good.  Now I hate to see a party where nobody is eating the food, thinking that they are being polite (not that I go to a lot of parties now, but I’ve seen them on TV and plan to attend more in the future) when they are actually being rude by NOT eating the food.  Somebody worked hard pouring those Doritos in that bowl … SO EAT THEM !!!

If it’s offered … take it!


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2 thoughts on “Offered and Accepted”

  1. Well put…………………what is annoying though when you walk into a store you get asked may I help you so you say what you are looking for and they have no idea what you are talking about and it is easier to just do it yourself…………

    1. I agree, that is annoying, but we have to at least give them the chance to try … assuming that they care enough to try. 😉

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