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Oklahoma Smith and the Adventure of the Abandoned Hotel

Well I guess that this is what we get for trying to make our little childrens into well rounded individuals. We brought this on ourselves. Those trips to museums, zoos, art galleries, and botanical gardens have now come back to bite us in the ass. How were we to know that instilling in our children a sense of wonderment and adventure would lead to one child skipping school and crawling through a boarded up window in the town’s abandoned hotel? We didn’t know. We thought that we were being good parents.
The plan that he and two of his little buddies had would have been perfect if any of them had been wearing a watch or had been carrying a cell phone, alas they were not. So instead of their little adventure only taking a few minutes and them returning to school at the proper time, they were caught by the principal on her way to lunch . I would have loved to have seen the looks on their little faces when they realized that they had been BUSTED ! By the principal no less !


She and I agree on a lot and actually had a really good conversation about all of my little darlings. She has decided to “campus” the three boys for the rest of the semester and that worked just great for us because that was what D and I were going to do with our adventuous little tike anyway.


It was so hard to be mad at him last night when D and I sat him down to talk about all of it, especially when he started describing all of the cool stuff inside the old hotel. It actually made me want to go climb through a window and take a peek myself. However, I will refrain from doing that, after all that would be a bad example. It was a tough moment when we had to talk to him about what would have happened if the three of those boys had been seriously hurt and couldn’t call anybody for help. That building is probably close to a hundred years old and very likely has a basement in it. They could have fallen through the floor and nobody would have ever thought to look for them there. Riley had tears in his eyes when we talked to him about it. Of course, seeing him cry made me cry too. This whole parenting thing sure is tough. I guess this is what we get for trying to have well rounded kids. So for now we will cut back on the Indiana Jones type movies and stick to cartoons. However, if he starts stealing major works of art then we are going to have to cut back on the art museum trips too.

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  1. We do the best we can with our kids, teaching them to be adventurous and curious isn't really a bad thing. I know what you mean about it being difficult to be mad. I have really good daughters, and if they did get in trouble it was always something dumb, or something really fun that I would have done. It was hard to not laugh and discipline them. I really would just talk to them about the consequences like you did.

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