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Organize Your Refrigerator in 3 Easy Steps

It’s one of those things we always intend to get done, but put off until things are falling out every time you open the door … organizing the refrigerator.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take a few minutes.

1.  Everything comes out.  I mean EVERYTHING.  We piled it all on the cabinets after looking for expiration dates and doing the sniff test on the cheeses.  I don’t care what the dates were on some of those.  They were stinky and had to go. 

kitchen organization ideas
EVERYTHING comes out before anything goes back in

2.  Do a very thorough clean of all the shelves and drawers.  While everything is out this is also a good time to move the shelf heights if you need to.  The easiest way I’ve found to clean the drawers is to take them to the shower, squirt some dish soap in the bottom of each one, and run the shower on them for a few minutes.  After sitting for about ten minutes, go back to scrub and rinse. 

how to clean out the refrigerator
Take the drawers to the tub or shower for cleaning

3.  Organize as you put stuff back in.  I was tired of my dear husband just shoving things wherever so I made handy labels for the shelves.  Feel free to print some for yourself (link below).  My shelves are labeled Drinks, Jars, Dairy, and Leftovers, but I also included some other food categories or you can add your own to the template.  If you don’t have actual labels just print them on paper, cut out, and tape them to the shelves.

refrigerator organization
All clean
fridge shelves what goes where
Labels help keep the refrigerator organized

After everything is back in, stand back and admire the beauty that is now your clean and organized refrigerator.  Then hold a mini family meeting showing everyone how lovely it is, instructing them where things now go (point to the labels), and emphasizing how you expect it to stay that way. 

how to organize a small kitchen
A thing of beauty

Click here for the Labels (they’re in Arial font size 24)

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