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Own Your Mistakes

Nobody is perfect.  I’m going to say that again.  Nobody is perfect.  In fact … repeat after me.


We’ve all made mistakes.  Some of us have made really gigantic ones.  Like an elephant sitting on a train car on top of a skyscraper sized ones.

I can speak from experience that making those mistakes and not owning them (and working to overcome them) weighs heavily on your heart, mind and body.  I carried my mistakes around for quite a while ignoring how much having them unresolved was hurting my life and the lives of people I’d hurt.  It negatively affected my physical health, my mental health, my thought processes, my relationships, etc.

It’s like we’ve all been given a bag to carry …

You make a snide comment about someone’s hobbies, the way they dress or their choice of career … in goes a pebble.

You gossip about someone, spreading lies just to make yourself feel better … in goes a rock.

You cheat someone in some way … you cheat them out of money … you cheat in a relationship … you cheat the system …. in goes a boulder.

Over time the bag gets too heavy to carry and eventually too heavy to even lift.   You no longer look forward to each new day.  You hate being around people.  You don’t find any reason to get out of bed.

Until one day you decide that you’re not really living.  Regret and guilt hit you over the head like a bag full of rocks.  You decide that something needs to change and you realize that something is YOU.

I can tell you that feeling and coming to that realization is not pretty.  It will drop you to your knees, but when you raise back up you will see the world in a whole new way.

You catch yourself BEFORE you make the hateful comment.

You stop yourself BEFORE you share the gossip.

You no longer have the desire to cheat people to get what you want.

and when you start changing, by owning your mistakes, you really do simplify your life.   Relationships become more meaningful and honest.  Friendships become more genuine and sincere.  Life just gets easier in so many ways.

What mistakes do you need to own?

Can you make those situations better?

Have you learned from them?



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2 thoughts on “Own Your Mistakes”

    1. We really do carry around our mistakes even if we don’t realize it. Owning mine has really helped me be “lighter” in so many ways.

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