Please Hold

We make plans and God, the universe and the magical unicorns laugh … and sometimes they kick you in the shins, knock you down and steal your favorite Josie and the Pussycats lunchbox and then tell everybody that you have cooties.  Okay … maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it had me seriously bummed.

I had fantabulous posts planned for the rest of the month.  Believe me they were going to be YUGE (sorry … had to do it).  Then this lovely site started getting errors.  First it was the message on my Dashboard (fellow blog type peoples know what that is).  Then I realized that no matter how many times I changed my setting to only show 4 posts per page it just kept showing all of them which makes my Home Page load slowly and the mobile version scroll FOREVER (yes  … literally) before it shows my sidebar stuff (and you know there’s some really important shit over there).  Then it was errors popping up in my posts.  IN MY POSTS !!!  I messaged my blog guru Stephanie (who’s about to start a kick ass session on how to start a blog for about half the price of other training sessions … go here to contact her and she can send you the info ).  Steph told me it was a problem with my hosting stuff so off to contact them I went.

Thank goodness for chat features …. and the tech guy’s name was Arnold … and it was everything I had not to type “help me Arnold Wan Kenobi you’re my only hope” and if you don’t get that then why are we still friends?

I was on the verge of crying out of frustration … which makes me even more frustrated that I feel like crying when I’m frustrated.

Long story short (too late) …. I’m being moved to a new server with a new platform that will have new updates that SHOULD solve all my problems.  Who knew that free boxes of wine came with site hosting?  I’m kidding … but that should be a thing.

Damn this turned into a long drawn out story about pretty much nothing … but wait … there’s more.

So now I’m stuck not really being able to post anything of real importance.  Which means those magical unicorns are telling me (yes, they can talk they also make hoof gestures) to get other stuff done.  So tomorrow I will be doing this …

  • sort hobby business contacts and make calls
  • clean out cell phone pics
  • clean out cell phone contacts
  • clean out text messages
  • make new graphics for June
  • watch blog training videos (because I can’t be a blogging badass without some training)
  • read magazine articles and follow their cool authors on Twitter

Then I get my Reward (watching Private Practice and Girlboss while drinking a jar of wine)  … if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read my Rewards post and watch the quite witty video of me explaining my Reward system.

Hopefully I will be faster, smarter, more slappy in the next few days … and believe me, you will be the first to know.

Stay bitchy my friends.



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