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Post Vacation Depression

Situational Depression can occur after any sort of loss, but it can also show up AFTER a good thing happens.  I’m going through it to some degree now.

For months we planned a “we need to run away from home before we start kicking people” vacation.  Every day I would spend my breaks at work looking at restaurants, hotels and places to see in the city we were visiting.  We talked about the trip every day.  We were excited.  It gave us something to look forward to.  It was very much needed.

Then we went on the trip.

We had a fantabulous time.

We spent days doing whatever the hell we wanted to whenever  the hell we wanted to.

No bills.  No laundry.  No worries (more or less).


Then we came home.

The feeling actually started as we were leaving the hotel.  That sinking feeling.

It got worse as we drove through pouring rain (how fitting) leaving the city.

It REALLY got worse when we got home … almost the second we walked in the door reality set in.  We had to think about going back to work.  We had to figure out what bills needed to be paid.  We had to unpack, wash laundry, take care of the house again and catch up on sleep.

It was a serious case of blah.

It’s a normal reaction.  It will pass in a few days.  I know it will.

It can happen after the holidays too, so if it does and you find yourself just feeling well …. not much at all.  Please please please understand that it’s not something wrong with you.  It’s simply your body and mind needing a rest.  So take care of yourself and know that it will slowly lift.

Click here for a few tips on how to get through a bout of Situational Depression.

You are not alone.  Slow down.  Give yourself a break.

I’m taking my own advice.

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