It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything it actually feels very weird to be typing this out.  I’ve had good intentions … well you know what they say about those.  Every month I would tell myself that on the first of the next month, I was going to sit down, create a new header and write a post.  Then it didn’t happen.  Then it didn’t happen again and now nearly six months later here I am.

A really good stranger/friend of mine (well let’s be honest … any friend of mine has to be a little strange whether we’ve met in person or not) told me that she checks my site nearly every day to see if there is something new.  My first thought was “oh my goodness .. how sweet is that?”.  My second thought was “damn … I really need to be writing again.” … and my third thought was “that chick really needs to get a hobby.”

Well the irony of blogging is that when you are doing blog worthy things in your life that people would want to hear about, then you are often too busy and exhausted to actually sit down and write about them.  Wait … there’s another irony in blogging … here it is.  When people blog about their lives they can take one of two approaches …. they can blog about boring shit that nobody gives two rat’s asses about like their latest oatmeal recipe (no offense if you just posted your latest oatmeal recipe, but I won’t be reading about it) OR they can blog about interesting, personal, scary, life-changing, awesome stuff … the stuff that makes us human … the stuff that helps other people.  Well the harsh reality of blogging the “real stuff” is that you open yourself up to other people’s thoughts and opinions and it’s much easier to hide in the cave than come out, shout your soul to the world and wait for people to throw rocks at you … and rocks hurt!  Haven’t you ever read that story “The Lottery”?  Well if you haven’t then spoiler alert …. THEY THROW ROCKS AT PEOPLE !!

Wait …what was my point here?  I told you I was out of practice.

Oh yeah … I’m back … sort of.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting every day.  I can’t even guarantee that I’ll post once a week, but I can guarantee you that I’m passionate about writing and helping others and volunteering and lobbying and napping and drinking boxed wine and living a life where somebody somewhere will say “Yep … she really fucked up … but she learned from it and she used it to help others and she’s spending every single day trying to make the world a better place and isn’t that why we come out of the cave in the first place.”   Is that too long to have written on my tombstone?

And now I’m wondering if it would be completely tacky to have a tombstone in the shape of a wine box.

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