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Quality vs Quantity … Furniture

Leading a simplified life for me means not having the time, energy, or money for junk in all of its forms.  That includes junk furniture.  In our entire house, I can only think of three pieces of furniture we bought new (bedroom armoire, living room armoire, and our sofa … which I want to replace with a vintage one).  The pieces we bought new, we paid pretty good money for, because we wanted them to last … and they have.

The vast majority of our furniture has come from furniture refinishers, estate sales, antiques stores, or flea markets.  Most of it’s solid wood, sturdy, and going to last a really long time.  We don’t EVER buy cheap, disposable, particle board crap that we’d have to put together ourselves.  It’s just a waste of money, because in a few months time it’s going to give out or fall apart.

I strongly encourage you to take a furniture inventory to determine whether your house is full of quality pieces that will not need replacing any time soon or a huge quantity of cheap stuff that is essentially disposable. Click To Tweet

When you need a new pieces of furniture, please take the time to look at places that sell vintage beauties and enjoy the hunt.

Here are a few of my favorites …

Our dining room table and chairs – bought from a furniture refinisher for $200

Our TV stand in the Lounge – bought at an antiques store for $80 (it has a cool metal side on the right)

One of the tables in our Living Room …. it was my great grandma’s … we painted it turquoise

My vintage pieces help make my house my favorite place to be … it’s my sanctuary.

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    1. The cheap stuff makes me crazy, especially when you can buy a “real” piece of furniture for around the same price at a vintage or thrift store.

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