why do we stay in bad relationships
Simplify Your Relationships

Quality vs Quantity … Relationships

Would you rather have 5,000 followers on social media or five people close enough to you that would drop everything to help in an emergency? Click To Tweet

Would you rather have a hundred texts about small talk or one really deep, meaningful conversation about something stressful you’re going through?

Would you rather have likes on a post or an in person talk about your family vacation?

We’ve all started to value the numbers more than the people.  Me included.

But when you simplify your life, the not so important things seem to fall away, which leaves more room for the really deep, meaningful things, including relationships.

Do you have close bonds with your family and friends?  If not, what can you do or say to make that better?

Having a thousand “friends” on social media means nothing if they aren’t there for you in the tough times or you aren’t there for them when they need you.

What’s more important to you; how many relationships you have or the strength of just a few?

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