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Quitters Can Win

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Then quit.

There’s no use being a damn fool about it.”

W.C. Fields

We’ve all heard, probably for our entire lives, how quitters never win.  How you just need to work harder to get what you want.  How magical buckets of money, time and energy are just inches away if you would only work work work harder … sacrificing food, sleep and sanity for that ultimate dream.

Well I’m hear to tell you that often is just absolute bullshit.  The world doesn’t work that way.

Yes, I believe in hard work and lazy people get on my absolute last nerve.  I also believe that some things are just not meant to be and no matter how hard you try, they aren’t going to work out.  That’s why you have to know when to call it quits.

I knew Saturday morning.

After 5 attempts to expand one of our hobby/side businesses, I decided to just give up.

I cried about it … mostly out of exhaustion and frustration.  But after the tears fell, I felt a huge sense of relief.  Pure, sparkling relief.  It washed over me.  A peaceful feeling knowing I did the right thing.

I had invested enough time, worry and money into that venture and it just isn’t in the cards for us to expand …. and I really am okay with that.

I hope as you’re reading this there are things running through your head that you’ve thought about quitting, but just can’t let yourself, because you’ve already invested so much.



Why keep doing it?  Is it time to let it go?

Here’s how you know when it’s time to say “I tried and it just didn’t work out” …

  1.  when it feels like a burden and you dread putting any effort into it (if you have to force yourself to do it, then why do it at all?)
  2. when the amount of worry you spend on it isn’t worth the potential reward (this is the one that got me … I have enough to worry about … why add to it?)
  3. when you would rather spend your time doing ANYTHING else (like if doing laundry sounds more fun than working on your project … that’s a clear sign it’s time to evaluate the situation)
  4. when you stop seeing ANY return on investment (financial, spiritual, emotional, etc.)
  5. when the thought of quitting brings relief instead of sadness

To simplify your life, what can you quit?

P.S.  I’m not talking about quitting your job if it’s your only source of income.  Yes, you can be inspired by this post, but it’s not permission to be an idiot.

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2 thoughts on “Quitters Can Win”

  1. That old saying about quitters and winners pisses me off, sometimes you need to cut your losses or quit while ahead and not push on when really things are not going to get any better, just my thought though

    1. I totally agree. Some things will not work out no matter how hard you try and there are so many other things you could do with that time, energy and money.

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